Miss to Mrs Package - Retainer

Miss to Mrs Package - Retainer


Miss to Mrs

  • Seating Chart

  • Welcome OR Ceremony Sign

  • Mini Table-top Sign

“Retainer? What?” - we get it. This can be confusing. Let’s clarify.

The package you have selected is priced at the absolute minimum possible of its package.

“What does that even mean?”

What this means is, this retainer essentially secures our services for your wedding date. However, what it includes is the absolute lowest priced items (i.e. guest count at our minimum of 50 guests, wood materials, paper, etc.). Therefore, this payment is a deposit ; should you choose to upgrade to premium materials (i.e. acrylic, mirrors, marble, stone) you will be invoiced a remaining balance after consulting with Kara about your customization options.

Once you select “Add to Cart” you will be prompted with a form to complete regarding each item that is included in the package, as well as its customization options. Regardless - this will not alter what you pay today and Kara will be in touch shortly after submitting your order.


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